Midnight memories, Stolen kisses,
Wishful thoughts and a constant missing;
In the pit of my stomach, in the corner of my brain,
Spreading to the fingertips, it’s embedded in my veins..

Sunsets and promises matter more than ever
And the 3am musings of ‘Will this Last Forever’,
With every passing breath, an eternity goes by,
Drowning me in flashbacks of the first ‘Hii”…

Sometimes makes me wonder, ‘Do you think of me too?’
Perhaps during the silences, or when you’re feeling blue..;
Life is not always rainbows and sunshine, And I know everything is not always fine;
But I know I’ll make it, with you being mine…

So gather all the pixie dust, lighten up your eyes,
What we have is special, Above these worldly ties;
Hold my hand again, remember the first click,
Of all the 11:11’s spent wishing for our Swish and Flick….

~Mishthi Rastogi


I sit on the edge of my bed after the lights went out and hearing nothing but the sound of my uneven breath echoing within the walls. And that’s when I wonder how the real silence would be.. Would it be calm or would it be chaotic…;    I often imagine my death will come to me the same way life brought me into this world. Quick, sudden and without any warning. And then I close my eyes searching for that ceremonious last wish; And I saw, enshrined in my mouth a lasting eternal kiss; But, ever since you left, every tongue that came after was just whispering to a grave…So, in that moment, I decide to lay alone in the casket, beautifully embedded with pearls, I close my eyes forever, and say my final goodbye to the world, and to you..;And, in that moment, I’m free, cause’ in that moment, I finally chose ME…

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